Dice Jails

$5.45 Plus Shipping! Ages 10+

Thank you for checking out one of our newest additions, Dice Cages. They are $5.45 each with Free S&H. We worked on these for a while and they have been a big success at the conventions and with people who come across our social media pages. Hopefully you all like them as well. A little time out won’t hurt them and they can think about what they did while they are in there!

These come in only one size, but hold different size dice. The do come in 6 different colors and they are great for holding those bad rolling dice accountable for what they did to you.

Red Dice Cage $5.45:

Blue Dice Cage $5.45:

Black Dice Cage $5.45:

Green Dice Cage $5.45:

Yellow Dice Cage $5.45:

Gold Dice Cage $5.45: