New Items

These are new items that we are working on! These are items that we have been working on for a while and have either just completed them or they are close to completing. Finished items will be at the top and the still in production items will be at the bottom.

Sword of Dice

This is our design of a 3D printed sword that holds a set of 7 dice. The max size for the dice to be able to fit is 16 mm. Each slot holds a specific die and even comes with a sheath to cover the dice. It’s not too heavy and is great for displaying with your collection. It will be for sale on the website very soon.


We decided to try our luck at something brand new and design a 3D printed maze. It took a while to work out the kinks and get the right height to drop the ball in. It’s designed for the ball to stay in. Right now it’s just a simple toy to keep the player entertained. The next designs will be more intriguing and harder to get the ball around. They will also have destinations for the ball to get to. These should be up for sale on the website very soon as well.

Dice Castles

These are 3D printed dice castles that have a unique design. They are for showing off your favorite dice and specialty dice. They can come as a set or separately. These will also be up for sale on the website very soon.

Castle Raiders

This is one of our new games that we are working on. It should be done within the next couple months. There will fighting, items to collect and possibly stealing of items as well. The game is never played the same way and it will be about 30 minutes of play. The object is simple, but fun.

Learning is Fun

This is another game that we are close to finishing up. It’s built to help children learn basic skills. Nothing too hard about it and can play up to 6 players. Great for teaching kids how to read, spell and do math. This should also be out in a month or two.