New Items

These are new items that we are working on! These are items that we have been working on for a while and have either just completed them or they are close to completing. Finished items will be at the top and the still in production items will be at the bottom.

Dice Catapults

These cool catapults are now up for sale! They can throw any kind of dice (at a reasonable distance) to enhance your gaming experience. There’s five different colors for you to choose from so you can really customize your new and improved way of dice rolling.

Scout Towers

The scout towers are an awesome way to store and carry your dice! These guys are currently up for sale and have a variety of 4 colors to choose from. They can fit regular and slightly bigger dice as well. Great for on-the-go or just to display and be available during a game.

Role-Playing Dice Kits

Dice kits are perfect for people wanting to immerse themselves in the game. These kits will start you off with 2 dice sets, 2 dice jails, one hidden door tower, and either an Orc’s Dice Chest and sign or a Dice Goblins Stash and sign. Check them out and see what upgrades you can get to really up your game.

Castle Raiders

This is one of our new games that is completed. There’s fighting, items to collect and possibly stealing of items as well. The game is never played the same way and it will be about 30 minutes of play. The object is simple, but fun.