Large Dice Towers

Purchase for $20.95 + $5.00 shipping fee! Ages 6+

We now have Dice Towers! These have a different design than you are probably used to seeing. Instead of the tier system where the dice kind of bounces back and forth down the towers, ours actually has more of a slide that allows the dice to actually roll down the towers. Our towers can also handle the metal and the large D20 dice easily and without worrying about damaging the towers or the dice.

Our towers also come in different colors as well. There are 4 to choose from and those are Blue, Black, Red, and Green.

One last thing, these are designed to work with our dice trays. They actually will sit on the corner of the trays, which helps keep the dice from rolling wildly across the tables.

Large Red Dice Tower: http://

Large Black Dice Tower: http://

Large Blue Dice Tower: http://

Large Green Dice Tower: http://

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