3-5 Players, 30-60 Minutes, Ages 12+

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This is so far our most popular game. It’s fun and addicting since fighting zombies is always fun, but we added a unique feature to this game. If you get bit too many times by zombies, you become the zombie and chase the other players. If you become a zombie, you will go after the other players to keep them from escaping the city. Also if you are a zombie and get killed, you will be able to respawn as a zombie in one of the quarantine zones and continue chasing the other players.

There are other fun aspects of the game as well like weapons, bicycles, skateboards, quick cures and backpacks. These will help you get through the city. Some weapons include assault rifles, bats, swords, handguns, and even a chainsaw. Be careful with the chainsaw, it can only be used for 3 fights. After that it will be out of gas and will put be back in the discard pile. Bicycles will need two hands to ride, but skateboards will be hands free. Players can not go past cars or over blockades. Players can pass each other and share the same tile, but can not pass zombie tokens without fighting them or go through the red quarantine zones.

In order to win the game, players will need to kill zombies and get to the extraction zone where the helicopter is. There are points for killing zombies and for each person who makes it to the extraction zone. Zombies have numbers on the back of the zombie tokens. For the players who reach the extraction zone, first person gets 5 points, second gets 4 points, third gets 3 points, fourth gets 2 points, and fifth gets 1 points. This stays the same even if you have less than five players.

One last thing, the first person to the extraction zone does two things. First is they start a countdown. Once they enter the extraction zone, this means there are only 4 turns left until the helicopter leaves. If players do not make it to the extraction zone before the helicopter leaves, they do not get to add up their points and lose the game automatically.

The other thing the player does is turn into a sniper. Once players enter the extraction zone, they can shoot any zombies that are in range up to 8 spaces away in any direction. Including other players that are zombies. You will still have to roll for this, but it will still help you get points if you are the first person there.

Once the countdown is done and the helicopter is gone, add up the points and see who came out on top. Good luck and hopefully everyone survives Zombie City.