Swords of Dice

$28.95 Plus Shipping! 4 Different colors Ages 10+

The Sword of Dice is a 3D printed sword for showcasing a set of your favorite dice. It comes with a random set of dice, a sheath to help protect the dice while transporting and a stand for you to show it off when guests come over.

We have 4 different colors of swords for you to choose from. They are Blue, Green, Purple and Silver. The stands that come with the swords are easy to set-up and don’t take up a lot of room.

It holds up to 16mm size dice. It’s great for dice games and just showing off to your friends. Hope you guys enjoy these and come back for more of our other great games and accessories.

Silver Sword of Dice $28.95!

Purple Sword of Dice $28.95!

Blue Sword of Dice $28.95!

Green Sword of Dice $28.95!