Castle Raiders


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Are you ready to raid a castle and steal its treasures? Think you can fight your way through the halls and enter the rooms to grab what ever you can? Well lets see how well you do in Castle Raiders! Castle Raiders will test your ability to find treasures, fight guards and fight each other if need be. Your king has given each of you a list of items to look for and bring back to him. He also instructs you to kills some guards along the way to weaken the other kings army.

The castle rooms will be a different set up each time you play. So you will never know where the big rooms are. The rooms will be shuffled and laid face down on the board and placed according to how the doors are lined up. The rooms will tell you what room it is and how many cards will be laid on top of the room. Once a player enters the room and flips the room, then the cards will be put face down on top of the room unless a player has already used their one action or their player cards say otherwise.

There will be player cards that have special abilities to them. These cards will be dealt out randomly and according to how many players. This is due to the fact that one of the player cards actually starts the game. There are some fun ones in here as well.

The Mission Cards will be dealt randomly according to the number of players. Each one will tell you what you’re looking for as you search the castle. First player to finish their Mission card and escape the castle will win the game. Good luck and Happy Raiding.



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