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Hello again and welcome to another exciting game. This is Challenger and we just recently got it finished. It takes some thinking to play this one. There are defenders and attackers that can do multiple things. The way to play is to set your pieces up to score you points and to use your defenders wisely. The defenders will be able to remove pieces from the board or send them back to their starting positions.

The attackers will be able to move around the board at different angles and keep the defenders on their toes. As the pieces move around the board, the players might start to see certain patterns with the pieces and figure out different strategies to score points or to use the defenders to keep the other players from scoring. Use the green pieces to your advantage, but remember they are the only ones that can bring out the other pieces. The defender is also the only that can remove pieces from the board or send them back to the starting locations.

The name of the game is scoring points and to win the game players are racing to 3 points. That’s right. The first player to score three points wins the game. Pieces have to land on the white tiles in order to score. There are safety zones surrounding the scoring area’s. These will help players who have defenders chasing their attackers and allow them to leave those pieces for a later move.

This will be a great game for those looking for a 2 player game. It’s fun and easy to learn. Good luck and Happy scoring!


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