What We Are About!

My name is Scott Snyder. My good friend Matt Graphman helped me build this site, but I will be running it. Hopefully not into the ground. Haha. I recently started creating a couple games on paper and play testing them with some friends. As I got better and the games got better, it became clear that this it what the future holds for me.

Creating games became fun and challenging. Then Matt asked me when I was going to start actually building games and get hard copies of them. He showed me some programs and websites I could use to create and publish my games.

So with learning how to design games, First to 20 was created. It took a while to figure out the rules and designs, but it slowly came together. I loved every bit of it. Then came a game that seemed even more challenging for a design, but one that was beginning to make sense the more I thought about it. That game was Escape Zombie City. As I developed these games more ideas kept popping up into my head.

So after getting a couple hard copies of the first two games that were developed, I entered a convention in Bloomington, IN and got a lot of great feedback about my current games and the games I was developing. Which greatly encouraged me to keep going.

So here I am, working on this website and designing my games. Also I will use We in most of my posts to make it sound more professional. Haha. Also incase this actually takes off and I have to hire someone or several people.


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